It's a Monday Thing

One of the many things I've learned to (try and) accept about life with kids, is that it's ok when certain things don't get done. In fact, it's pretty much expected.

My dream list of 'Things I'll Get Done' while on maternity leave pretty much went out the window as soon as Matthew was born. That's about the time I realized that my list looked the same as the one I'd made over 3 years earlier when Julia was born. And I repeat, that is ok. Life is busy, you prioritize as you go, and on most days anything beyond basic cleaning takes a backseat to chasing after a high curiosity/short attention span four year old, nursing an 18lb succubus, changing clothes, feeding the family, changing clothes again (repeat as many times as needed), grocery shopping, yelling at telemarketers, shuttling to and from everyones activity/appointment/playground of choice, attending to boo-boos (with increasing frequency in the summer months) and jumping in to enjoy the moments of play that seem to arise when least expected.

But there is one thing that always seems to happen at the same time, on the same day, every week. Monday is clean sheet day.

This is a big thing.

Here comes my big filthy blogging confession.

It hasn't always been this way.

I'm not saying it was at a once-a-year event ranking up there with Halloween (come on, we're not savage beasts), but it certainly wasn't once a week.

I'm really not sure how this new ritual came into being, but it's become a pretty consistent part of the week without even thinking about it. Every Monday Julia heads off to pre-school and Big Daddy heads off to work, and in the recaptured stillness of only one person left to chase (and for the time-being Matthew's still slower than me) it's a quick activity that starts the week on a note of domestic control (it's all downhill from there). And at the end of that day, if I feel like no other housework has been accomplished, I can at least sink back into my bed sighing,

“I changed everyone's sheets today.”

And yes, other housework does manage to get done around here, but this is one activity that I can count on without fail and somehow always feels extra special - in fact, I downright enjoy it.

Now, since I don't feel like sharing a picture of my bedroom today (even with those magnificently clean sheets) here are a few pictures of my dream bedding. No, these look nothing like my bedroom, but maybe that's why they are so much fun to dream about having in a some alternately decorated universe.

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Tim said...

Sister, you ain't the only one with that dirty little secret...although I'm trying harder myself these days....