The Things Kids Say

One of the things I love about the entertaining age of 4 is the hilarious statements that come at lightning speed and with completely casual delivery. So here is the latest "things that kids say" from our house.

Prefacing Note: The daycare Julia goes to shares space with a long-term nursing facility. They have a terrific inter-generational program and the kids often visit their 'grandpals' to share activities, stories and songs.

Jules: Hey mama (the beginning of most sentences these days) did you know that Jane's* grandma is in our building now?

Me: Oh yeah? So that means she's one of your grandpals, right.

Jules: Yup. We were gonna visit her and bring her flowers, but Miss Teacher* didn't know her phone number.

Me: You mean her room number?

Jules: Yeah. We didn't know which closet she stays in.

*Names changed to protect the innocent (though occasionally accused)


Note To Self: Don't let Julia pick out a home for us in the future.

Note To Grampa: Be nice to Julia. You've already been sent to the closet once and it may not have been a joke after all.

For the Record: No grandpals are known to actually live in closets at the described facility. No need to call in any authorities based on this conversation.

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