In Motion

10 weeks ago a moment of impulse hit (I seem to recall that several rainy days cooped up with the kids, a visit from a girl friend and a large Martini were involved).

I've never been a runner - walking is more my speed. Running always struck me as something that very fit people did. I could barely imagine having enough stamina (let alone motivation) to run a few minutes straight.

But despite a 35 year non-running self-concept, on that rainy afternoon I registered with The Running Room (and then spent several days wondering what on earth had possessed me and picturing myself lying in a sweating, panting heap somewhere along the waterfront trail).

My first Learn to Run clinic was...surprise...not quite as difficult as I'd imagined. And as the weeks went on I somehow managed to keep rising to the challenge of adding running minutes and relying on far fewer walking breaks. There were lots of good runs, and absolutely some very very bad runs along the way.

But somehow folks, surpassing all of my initial expectations (which were honestly...just to remain vertical and not hurt anything), I have become a runner.

Last night I celebrated 10 weeks of hard work and some great new friends as I ran in my first 5K event.

I'm not the fastest. I don't alway start the day wanting to run. But I always finish. And I always finish smiling.

Finishing Time: 35:57*
Overall Placing: 305/378
Class Placing: 20/30
Gender Placing: 162/224

*My pre-race goal was to finish in under 38 minutes.

If you've ever given running a passing thought and need more convincing, drop me a line or visit your local Running Room. You won't regret it.


TIM said...

Congratulations!! I'm so proud of you! It's a great sense of accomplishment, isn't it? That was a pretty respectable finish - 162/244. Not sure I ever mentioned this, but when I was first doing running in middle school, I came 113th out of 114 - and the kid behind me collapsed. Hard to believe I continued after that (remember, I didn't run again until the end of high school)....

Hope you've rewarded yourself this weekend with lots of CARBS!!! Great job!

Lisa said...

Okay, you are officially my hero! OMG! You can run - that's insane. I'm so impressed and even a little inspired :)