Coming Up for Air

There hasn't been much Spin from this Home - it's been crazy days as we ease back into a routine, catch up from our short time away, and adjust to all of the new excitement that accompanies life with a 10 month old (pulling on everything, standing with the support of anything and chewing absolutely all objects in reach).

But the laundry is finally finished (for the next five minutes at least - deep breathe and enjoy), bedtimes are back on track (adults and children alike) and at long last about 300+ pictures have made their way off of my camera and onto the computer.

So, while I get back into my blogging groove I'm going to use the next few posts to share some pictures and quiet moments from our trip to Owen Sound last week. Only three hours drive from where we live, but getting away from the city, phone, computer and regular to-and-froing, it felt like a huge leap out of the daily grind.

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Patty said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!