My Bad

OK, so I'm just so unbelievably late in mentioning this BUT if you happen to catch this post on Thursday evening, then quickly get thee over to the wonderful Fibreholic to get in on her contest (and yes, do tell her I sent you please).

And if you don't read this until after Thursday evening, then get thee over to the wonderful Fibreholic simply because she is wonderful and should be read regularly regardless.

We just arrived home after 6 days at a cottage (thus the late mentioning of the contest which I just discovered mid-packing...like...when I should have been packing). Our in-laws rented - we crashed (and cooked and cooked and cleaned...which really helps to offset the whole crashing thing).

Many more pictures to follow, but first, I must hasten thineself to the washing machine (and perhaps a bubble bath filled with water other than the septic variety).

The Friday Night Knitter Club...finished (see, not all books take me 3 months to finish). Absolutely impossible to put down. Wonderful characters that you actually wish you could hang out and knit with (most of the time). Warning: Have kleenex on hand. I'm just saying.

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Patty said...

What a sweetie! Thanks for the blog 'plug' ;0). And thanks for entering the contest and sending other people over for the contest. Now, where's the story on your weekend away????