Almost Finished Objects

You know that line about the kid who comes home with 95% on a report card, and their smart-ass parents ask what happened to the other 5%

(No Dad I'm not talking about you in this case. Seriously, when did I ever bring home a 95%.).

Well, take a look at what I found in my knitting basket and feel free to ask "What happened to the other 5%".

I've talked about my aversion to 'finishing' activities before, so it should come as no surprise that my Rowan Foxtail has been awaiting blocking for about 3 months now. And before that it spent another 3 months waiting to be sewn up.

To be fair, I was knitting this while Matthew was happily (and rapidly) growing in my belly. And by the time I finished knitting, he had still left enough belly behind that blocking would have required optimistic guess-timation. But as a first birthday party quickly approaches next month, it is definitely time to give this sweater some finishing attention. And besides, seeing those colours again really makes me want to have it hanging in my cupboard when October hits.

One of the great things about this sweater- no button to sew on. Instead, I'll be using a treasure that I bought (ahem) last September.

Excuse me while I go looking for that other 5% and I'll be back to show you the results next week.

Have a great weekend.

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Kristin said...

Get it done! You can do it.