LOVE: side button placement, collar, shape

When I was a little girl (yes, I'm still dealing with turning 36) I was thrilled by the seasonal arrival of the Sears catalogue. Armed with my markers I would work my way through the women's clothing, carefully colouring over the outfits I liked best. Don't know why I started doing this, but I guess I liked 'dressing' the models. Someone out there, please tell me you know what I'm talking about!?!

And it occurred to me over the weekend, as I sat at the table and clipped pictures out of the junk mail, that some habits morph slightly, but never completely go away.

I'm a snipper. I am painstakingly careful with magazines (and books, but that's another matter) for the full calendar year that I keep them (have I ever mentioned my former life as a Records Manager? yet another matter). But when the time comes to send them to the blue bin (that would be the end of their retention period and start of the destruction stage of the document life cycle), I cannot put a magazine in the recycling bin without flipping through it one final time and clipping out the 'good snips'.

Good Snips = yummy sounding recipes, household tips, kids activities, pictures of rooms that I would love to live in (realistic or otherwise), articles that touch my day, and NOW random pictures of knitwear (aha, the morph).

LOVE: those sleeves! the darts

So, today I'm sharing some of Sunday's good snips. Each one of them caught my knitters eye, and held something I would love to try recreate. And failing that, I just enjoyed taking a moment to enjoy deconstructing what I saw and appreciating what it takes to make a piece of knitwear. ("Has anyone seen mommy's markers? Oh never mind.")

LOVE: length, ribbing at end of sleeve,

And my challenge to you is to look for a picture that inspires you today. And while your at it, post it for the rest of us to enjoy along with you.

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a friend to knit with said...

oh! i so remember getting so excited when the sears catalog would come!!! i would look at that thing for hours. no coloring. but circling. i would circle everything.
your snips are really great.
i love this idea. gotta see if i threw away all my mail yet. :) yep. don't be mad. i throw away all that paper before it comes in. well i do recycle it.