Shell Game

I haven't talked about this in a while, but progress continues on my Aleita Shell (Raveled over here).

It seems that every knitting project I take on teaches me something new - a stitch, a technique, some new needles or gadget that makes mysterious happenings out of yarn. This time around, I've been finding my way around the overlapping v-neck in front. With two set of circulars in motion traffic started to get pretty congested for the first few rows of pattern.

But after a few successful rounds (which only came after a few unsuccessful rounds and a fair bit of colourful language) I'm well into the swing of it and actually finding this pattern really satisfying.

However, in the midst of these dueling circulars I also have to keep track of neck decreases and waist increases and alternating RS and WS patterns and clowns and flying monkeys...oh, and the yarn yeti who crawls around at my feet just waiting for an end of yarn to dangle within his reach.

It's really just too much for a gal to keep track of at the end of the day (or any other time of day that affords me the opportunity to knit). So I actually made a cheat sheet for this section; it makes life so much simpler and this might just become standard practice around here.

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Patty said...

Ooh! Can't wait to see you wearing it! Great idea with the cheat sheet.