That Last Summer (Holi)day

September 1 and the last day of summer holidays.

This is also my last post of pictures from our summer escape - so it only seems right to post pictures from the last day of our vacation.

We drove to Wiarton (home to Willie) and enjoyed a quiet sunny walk around Colpoy's Bay complete with the absolute coolest playset Julia has ever explored.

From the end of this long angled pier, you can actually see a large shadow below the water which is supposedly part of a sunken ship (or a case of tourists having their legs pulled - we're not entirely certain). Tall tales or sails, it was a gorgeous sight and the sort of spot that just makes you feel a little more relaxed.

So relaxed in fact, that while walking by myself on the pier I was actually observant enough to catch the first Monarch Butterfly I've seen all summer.

If you want to see a few more favourite pictures, click on the Explore button or Flickr badge in the sidebars.

Enjoy the last of the long weekend and I'll be back tomorrow with a very long overdue knitting update!

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