Feeling The Pinch

I'm still in love with October, but definitely feeling the weight of all the things that have to get done in this beautiful month.

First priority is Halloween Costumes x2 kids (plus a couple of adults if Snow White has her way - questionable). I know there are still a few weeks to go but this long weekend ahead is going to be the last chance I get before the rest of this month's to-do list completely takes over.

Jules' Snow White costume is almost done minus a hem, a collar and a cloak (or is it a cape? - I'm really not fully up on my happily-ever-after-wear terminology). And I'm already shifting over to a Dopey costume for Matthew. I have the materials and today I'm going to be playing with some tracing paper and a hoody to come up with a makeshift pattern.

And with a Monkey Sock, my Aleita and a mystery knit on the go at the same time, I seem to be doing lots of stop and go knitting and getting nowhere fast. You see, this is why I really can't handle more than one project at once - I'm slow enough attacking them individually, but add them up and it's full-scale chaos.

But we're still finding time to enjoy the changing colours and the golden sunlight. More about that tomorrow.

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