That was a Sunday well spent.

An early morning run. Crisp, cool, windy, but absolute perfection after five minutes of a quick pace and a few abandoned layers. Sunlight, leaves, the sound of bells, wind, waves and the gravel beneath my feet.

A rainy afternoon with work caught up, cleaning already done, and guilt free lounging indoors with a good book, a family movie that we haven't already see a hundred time, and some Halloween fun.

Relaxing with a few rows of knitting and adding some final bits and bobs to costumes.

A 15 minute nap.

Eating leftover birthday cake. Feeling the burn from my run (which justifies more cake) and the drowsy, heavy comfort of a day spent relaxing.

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Patty said...

Aaah. It sounded great. I love the path picture - gorgeous. You should be getting paid for your shots! I think you've got a great eye.

And, I'm inspired to go for my first run since, oh, early this summer sometime. Sigh. However, perhaps this will be the start of the re-establishment of that habit!