Candy - Check
Costumes - Check
Pumpkin - Check
Kids - Check
Predictions for an evening of good weather - A Big Resounding CHECK

Snow White. Jules is very happy with her costume. I really enjoyed making it and am thrilled with my new serger. I can't help thinking that she looks a little like a Cardinal direct from the Vatican though. Hmmm - could be all the ads I've been seeing for Angels and Demons recently.

And of course, Snow's favourite pal 'Doofy' (that's what you get when you cross Dopey and Goofy in a 4 year olds mind). No pattern, only about 2 hours to make and very warm. Now if I can just get him to leave those darn buttons along (don't worry they are VERY well attached-gulp).

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Patty said...

Love the costumes, Elizabeth! Well done! Like the carved pumpkin too. I don't usually carve one. I keep saying I might when I find one of those little knife sets for carving pumpkins. I have a terra cotta pumpkin that I bought about 15 years ago at Ten Thousand Villages and I just put a tea light in it and set it outside on Halloween night for our Jack'O Lantern. Seems to work. And no guts to worry about cleaning. Iain hasn't noticed yet nut I could be telling you a different story next year!

Freckled Nest said...

ADDDDORABE!!! Love the combo on doopy!

Freckled Nest said...

opps, i mean doofy ;)