After the month-long whirlwind of preparation, indulgence and celebration that lead up to the holiday highpoint, there is an incredible comfort and relaxation in these quiet days afterwards. I think that is what makes the start of a new year one of my favourite times - it's a chance to sit down, breathe, think about the year that has passed, and best of all, think about fresh beginnings and things to come. (Not to mention that this is the first time the whole house has been healthy in about 5 weeks)

I promise not to wax-poetic (for too long) but this has felt like a really big year after a very long journey. And it's been a year of so many changes - some unexpected and some planned but still surprising on so many levels.

:: Quitting my job after over a decade (although that still hasn't fully sunk in thanks to that magical 'consultant from home' role).

:: Adjusting to life with another baby in the house and in what feels like a blink of the eye, suddenly finding him full of mischief and curiosity, teetering on the brink of his first steps.

:: Watching my little princess morph from a Pre-Schooler to a 'Kindergarten Kid' and all of the incredible (and often humorous) leaps that come with this new world of stimulation and independence.

:: Amazingly (and still surprisingly) learning that I can run 5K, and starting to wonder what other secret physical abilities might be lurking beneath years of teetering between workaholic and couch potato tendencies.

But the thing I've been most excited about over the past year, is really feeling like I've started the journey towards finding my own perfect balance for family, for relationships, for self and for creativity. And it's no surprise that it's my continued goal for the year ahead. (Not excluding the usual ones that get abandoned before Valentines - lose 10 pounds, organize my house, more exercise and less tv, blah blah blah)

Throughout the year, this has been my little corner for keeping track of the things that are inspiring me, staying accountable for getting things finished (well, some of the time at least), and finding some amazing people with amazing ideas and talents. Happy New Year to you and I can't wait to share and read about all that 2009 holds.

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