Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Because the children had been bribed with Snow Princess Dora on 'repeat'
as one sick Mama lay stuffy, achy and beat.

She wished she was nestled all snug in her bed,
but with kids on the loose, 15 minutes of couch time was what she had.
So there in her yoga pants, with three blankets on her lap,
She gulped back her pill, and settled in for a cat nap.

When there in her ear there began a ringing, clicking, clatter,
she thought to herself, well now
what’s the matter? (ok - that part was more colourful!)
Matty’s already had the croup, and Julia a cold,
we’ve all had the sniffles, so this virus thing’s real old.

But this one was new, with hot sweats and then chill,

Everything hurt, oh, this was some bad karma sorta ill.

The sort that’s assigned it’s own bag just for tissues,

And makes changing diapers and preparing lunches a HUGE issue.

So off to see one of Santa’s elves at the walk-in,

Followed by a solid, ugly, four days of lock-in.

And a daily pink pill, and several orange ones in between,

Cause it’s an ear and throat infection, yup, that’s where I’ve been.

And here you thought I’d just stopped bloggin,

In favour of gift wrapping, Polar Express and egg noggin.

But with just one pill left, I’m slowly on the mend,

And with both sinuses open, I’m rounding the bend.

So with one week ’til Christmas, I figure there’s still time,

And I must be getting better, because today I can type AND rhyme.

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Patty said...

Poor, poor Mommy! However, I couldn't rhyme like that well or sick - good on ya! Have a happy holiday (and, hopefully, a healthier one!).