The Merry Season

Allow me to sum up our past weekend and the first days of December in two words

- Viral Croup -
(the viral part just makes it sound juicier I think)

Seriously - doesn't it just make you sad.
And he's probably thinking - no pictures, just cuddle me woman!

  • First holiday invitation of the season - we were a no show.
  • Booking for the kiddos holiday portrait - cancelled.
  • Decking of the halls - postponed.
  • Knitting content - it's coming, I swear.
On a bright note, getting sick at the beginning of the month has to guarantee full health and joy for the end of the month right? RIGHT?!?

Now excuse me while I go and Purell...everything.


a friend to knit with said...

oh no! the dreaded croup.
i am so sorry.
i do hope all is on the mends over there!

Patty said...

Awww. Poor little guy. We hates sicknesses. Hates them!