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And lest my last post made you think that a certain Princess is the focus of all attention (not so, but don't tell her that) let me share some more 'good snips' from our Pottery Barn browsing.

These colours and those shelves, displaying wooden toys.
I'm liking the idea of roman blinds. Do you notice the lamp matches?
Pure boy, but bright and warm.

Now, little man is going to have to wait significantly longer than his sister (who is already going to have to wait, because the span of time between my brewing ideas and bringing them to fruition can be lengthy). But considering he is still crib-bound and isn't so good with the words yet...I think I've got some breathing space on this one.

Again with the slip covered headboard and book rail.
Love. It.

But fair's fair, and considering that this is really one of the first times I've been excited at the prospect of all over room makeovers, he could still be scoring pretty darn well.

Again, forgive the bunk bed implication
(this is
not an riddled announcement!).
This picture just reminds me that small spaces can be
functional and fun.
That makes me feel a-0k about
my (his) small space.

Now, if I can just get me head around the resources to make this all happen (time, effort, focus, a bit of cash, time, time, time). Anyone who knows me, knows that this is going to require a list and a project plan.

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