Out of Focus

When it comes to knitting I really do try to stick to my 'one trick pony' policy - or at least only perform one trick at a time. But I guess I've been hanging out with the wrong crowd here in the blog world, because all of a sudden I find myself with

: one lonely sock who is considering internet dating to find it's match
: a cowl that was knit for someone else, is now going to be kept by me and still hasn't had it's ends woven in
: yet another cowl that is waiting for some buttons
: an Aleita Shell that gets pulled out of a corner about once a month for 4 rows of attention

Considering I have declared December a 'finish up the WIP' month, that would all still be totally manageable ... if it weren't for this. Oh that hat; one look has turned a trip to the yarn store into daily temptation.

And I don't suppose you noticed that copy of Winter Interweave Knits not-so-hidden in my basket? My copy will remain closed until January 1 - but doesn't New Years day curled up with a magazine, a cup of coffee and a perfectly soft cuddly hat sound perfect (did I say hat?).

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Patty said...

Nice to see we're rubbing off on you! Tee hee!