I keep hearing about this book - French Girl Knits.

We have another long, snowy, cold, day ahead, so I'm sure the temptation of an Amazon pre-order will pop up several more times (before we even make it to the lunch hour).

Hold on, did I mention this description: "18 classy, feminine designs fashioned in luxurious yarns that achieve superb figure-flattering fit with seamless construction"

Oh Interweave Press, you had me at seamless.

The pictures and patterns are so lovely. Is this a style I could pull off in the day-to-day? I'm not sure.

Is it a style I would like to imagine myself wearing? Absolutely.

But then again, I'm also prone to daydreams of an apartment in Paris, heading to the market by bicycle and filling a basket with more baguette, cheese and wine then one should reasonably consume. A knitting book seems far more reasonable, non? Oui!

I don't think I'll make it until lunch.


a friend to knit with said...

:) this made me giggle.
i am so with you! i too dream of that life in paris!!!!

Lisa said...

They're seamless??!! I may have to give this book some serious consideration.

Your daughter is adorable with her pinky sticking out, concentrating on her sewing.