Cold and Random

We just spent a completely lazy Sunday putting up new shelving, watching a movie (with a dozen or so stops and starts along the way) and marathon knitting. I'm determined to finish a certain vest this week (having reached the 'time to move on' stage).

Yup, I ordered it (along with a few other treats that the week will reveal).

It is beyond cold today - way beyond. So cold that school drop-off and pick-up are going to be only things luring me outside. Even the dash between front door and car door requires several layers. Have I ever mentioned how much I love lime green? I have a friend who calls me Shrek whenever she sees me in this coat (honestly...she could at least call me Fiona).

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Lisa said...

The great thing about these very cold days is there is plenty of time to knit and bake and watch movies with the kids.