Like Lost Sheep

I realize that I haven't be giving my knitting the attention it deserves - but now that I'm finally ready to get behind the needles again, I appear to be a few skeins short of a basket and it's driving me mad.

Today is the one day after a very long stretch, when the house is quiet, clean and illness free and I set work aside for an hour of knitting and True Blood
(which I started off finding additively crappy and now after five episodes in a single week find additively delicious even though I know I should probably be enjoying something better - it's sort of like corner-store chocolate. I think the show itself it actually 'glamouring' me.)

So I curl up on the couch, baby sleeping, remote at my side and knitting in hand, when I notice that my yarn is running perilously close to an end
(which is not what you want in the middle of a row or a vampire feeding). Up a flight of stairs to rummage through my stash, but "where the heck is the rest of my yarn?"

A double take, triple take, down a flight of stairs to recheck my knitting basket, and I still can't find the darn yarn. How is it
possible that I can't find this stuff? Seriously!?! My stash is not that big - we're talking a single drawer. Could that last skein have really be the last skein? No way! (honestly, I would have noticed that back in November right?)

I am going to have to count the loose ends on my 70% finished vest, cause really, 762 yards?!?

So now my quiet, baby-sleeping, vampire-watching,
Aleita-Shell-knitting afternoon has quickly turned into me going crazy trying to find a few skeins of yarn which have got be around here somewhere (right? they are around her somewhere aren't they?) And as I while away the time with this mad hunt, Matthew's nap is quickly ticking away and the 2:45 dash to the Kindergarten carpool lane is approaching.

And at the back of my mind I can't help think that this what happens when you let the dust collect on a project. Knitting has been waiting for me, and now I have to wait for the knitting.

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