There was lots of fetching on my mind this weekend.

First there was the trip to a local yarn store to fetch a few more balls of Sublime, because after several more days of looking in the usual and then the unusual spots, I still can't find my missing lambs. I just know that they will turn up as soon as I finish this vest. I laughed when the store owner reminded me to check the dye lot - since I bought it ages ago, I was just thrilled to have it my hands.

In my hunt however, I did find a random ball of acrylic that seems to have appeared out of nowhere and will make a perfect gifting project for someone who may or may not have issues with wool (which I suspect may be why I bought this lone ball in the first place, since I usually choose natural fibers for myself - yup, I'm selfish like that). So, I'm finally going to cast on Fetching after adoring it for the past year. It will make a perfect 'car pool lane' project (my Aleita Shell has reached the large and cumbersome stage) and if I ever find those other missing lambs, they would make a great second pair.

Full knitting action has resumed!

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