The snow has stopped and the shovels are temporarily at rest. In between temper tantrums, fits of short-lived activity and then pleas of "But what should I do NOW", we are managing to usher out the end of January without completely losing our sanity (ok...really...I'm only concerned with my sanity at this point).

One child begs for another 10 minutes and another 10 minutes and another 10 minutes playing on the "mountains" (of snow).

And makes treasure maps leading to sticker-covered envelopes of IKEA catalogue cut-outs which are hidden in her bedroom closet (that would the 2008 catalogue of course).

One tea-bag
+ the crumpling of one treasure map
= 100 years of instant aging (plus drying time).

Another child is perfecting his balance and walking steps. The current formula is:

stand...stand...stand...quickstepquickstep...LUNGE (and hope something/someone is there to land against)

And one mother is breathing deeply, closing her eyes and counting to ten frequently throughout the day.

The three of us are weathering whatever the day brings.

Anyone interested in a playdate?

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