woulda, coulda, shoulda, didn't

Sunday Intentions

  • Morning Run
  • Catch-up on Cleaning
  • Attack laundy
  • Crafts with the kids
  • Get a head-start on work for the week
Sunday Reality
  • Sleep-in (which means 8:00am - pretty sweet in a house with kids)
  • Curse the laundry, and then quickly avert my gaze
  • Play barbies and boardgames with Jules while watching Celebrity Poker Showdown. (When I randomly come across it I can't stop watching - it's mysteriously, hypnotically compelling)
  • Bake another batch of cookies (which are completely unnecessary, but somehow made me feel much better about skipping the craft part of the day).
  • Finish knitting my first Fetching. Cast on Saturday morning - Bound-off Sunday afternoon. Fast, fun and totally satisfying - I'm not entirely thrilled with the gauge though, so I'm calling this one a warm-up knit and will be trying again with a different yarn.

Considering the busy week we have ahead, this was exactly what Sunday should be.

*You will notice the absence of a certain sporting event in this post. That would be due to the absence of a certain husband this Sunday. Shift work does have it's occasional perk (mwah-ha-ha).

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Lisa said...

Your actual Sunday sounds wonderful - fun, restful, just what you need to recharge for a busy week ahead.