The View From Here

This little corner of the bedroom has been my office for months now (when my laptop isn't roaming to the kitchen and wandering to the living room). One more week on my contract and then you can expect this corner to look quite a bit different.

As much as I've loved the 'recession-proofing' bonus of a few months of unexpected consulting pay, I am equally excited at the prospect of having those 4+ hours a day available for other things (to be read as: knitting, reading, painting, crafting, lounging, exercising, movie-watching, baking things).

Although I suspect that before anything else, I'll be addressing another frequent view from here (usually built up on account of the first view and located right beside it).

Cleaned and sorted counts right?! Oh how I wish they would wander into their owners rooms as easily as the laptop does.


Lisa said...

Clean and sorted is almost the entire battle - you're practically done!

Patty said...

What a 'neat' corner - in the clutterless sense. Sigh. I'd be embarrassed to post a picture of my computer work space right now. Or the kitchen. Or...

Ditto on that laundry thing. DH did the putting away for me last night. Bless him!