Play Boule

My first attempt from the recent cook and craft book ordering spree.

And besides being a thing of simple beauty...

...it tastes simply wonderful (while making my whole house smell amazing on a winter morning).

I kept optimism in check while making this first Boule from the Master Recipe; several disappointing bread experiences have taught me 'reservation until revelation'. But there was no need - I followed the recipe to the letter and peered into the oven with squeals of delight (yup - these are the things that excite me - and no, I'm probably not getting out enough). Best of all - there is dough for 3 more '5 minute' loaves waiting in my fridge.

And for those of you who prefer Ball to Boule (you know you who you are) - I interrupt crafting and baking programming to pitch a little something your way.

Hmmm - let's keep the boule/ball theme rolling with some talk about my glove (of the fingerless Fetching variety). Left hand attempt #2 is complete, and it's amazing how easily gauge is achieved when you use the right size of knitting needles - amazing. The next time I say something like "A 1/2 size can't make that big a difference can it?" will someone please just throw a Boule at my head.

I think I'm going to go and have a third piece of toast now.

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