Hot - Not Bothered

Yesterday afternoon found me with an all-over body ache and a sensation in my throat that I associate with swallowing a fist full of glass (yeah...neither of those is ever a good sign). I only mention this so that you can appreciate where I was at when first realizing (with very little surprise) that the pyjamas I just bought for Julia's pyjama-required 'Dancethon' fund-raiser were too long (yeah...that's just another layer to the onion we call Kindergarten life nowadays).

That would be the pyjamas she needed to wear today. The Princess Ariel pyjamas made of 100% polyester. The pyjamas sporting a mermaid-integral frill at the bottom of each pant leg. The pyjamas that I had no energy, interest or motivation to fight with on my sewing machine (even in the best of health, since I basically despise hemming and would likely botch up beyond belief).

That's when I came across a long-forgotten little something-something in my mess of a sewing bag.

One roll of Heat n Bond Super Hem and I turned into MacGyver.

When did those baby-girl toes get so big?

Then I single-handedly changed a diaper, finished making a card, broke up a temper tantrum, deciphered a complex analysis of Fifi and the Flower Tots latest moral dilemma and prepared a home-made dinner for four within the span of an hour. Top that Richard Dean Anderson!

And today I will be laying on the couch while baby boy toddles around me. Must get healthy. Must gain strength. March break begins at 3:00pm today - there isn't enought Heat n Bond in the world to help with that (ha ha).


Patty said...

Great job! Richard would be proud!

Lisa said...

I'm incredibly impressed! Feel better quickly.