Project Spectrum

Lolly has come up with a wonderfully inspiring theme for this year's Project Spectrum. This is my first year participating and with a few goals in mind, I knew immediately what I wanted to do.
  • Quick and manageable
  • One skein (x 4)
  • Transportable
  • High satisfaction, low frustration, instant gratification! (demanding aren't I)
I've been drawn to the idea of framing knit swatches for a while now; I saw some samples at my LYS and am frequently drawn to the swatches I see in catalogues and knitting magazines. There is a warm and simple beauty to stitches being framed and appreciated for their own intrinsic value. And at one time, a long time ago it seems, I had this crazy 'Stitch of the Week' goal (which was pretty quickly abandoned with the reality of revisiting life with a newborn).

My vision is four beautifully framed swatches, each representing the cardinal direction colours and knit using a 'new-to-me' stitch that reminds me of the matching element. Eventually I plan to hang them in the suitable direction along with some photographs capturing the corresponding mineral. And then of course, I'm looking forward to the extra ideas and observations that Project Spectrum will draw me to along the way.

So, with my dusted-off copy of Step-by-Step Knitting Stitch Patterns, I'm ready to cast-on in a new direction.

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