Moving into Monday

Some monumental changes in life around here. This isn't breaking news - I'm just about a month behind in sharing.

He's up, he's up...he's still up...oops, he's down...no, wait, he's back up.

Matthew is our delayed walker, likely because he has also been our furiously fast crawler (really, why bother walking when you can get somewhere faster on hands and knees?). But after weeks of tentative steps and learning to 'tame the beast' of momentum, he is officially a full-scale, steady-does-it, ambi-turning, movement of first choice, walker. This weekend seemed to bring all of those weeks of practice together.

Having a little hand in mine, and a little body toddling by my side - one of my favourite parenting things. It's made even sweeter by the fact that he loves (ok - insists) on his sister holding his other hand.

Mobility has arrived just in time for spring, and frequently results in this proud smile (sweet little pirate monkey!).

* And with only slightly less excitement - I just posted two pictures in a post at the same time. Since when did Blogger start letting us do that? The start of this week just keeps getting better and better.

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