Apparently four is mine. Four time I've cast-on and knit the first 6 rows of the St. John's Wort Cardigan from the latest Interweave Knits. Four times I have carefully made every effort to follow the instructions to the letter (including the letters P, K, YO, and K3PSO). Four times I have ended up with a different number of stitches on my circulars after Row 6 (so apparently being careful isn't the same as doing it right).

There won't be a fifth time. It's over between me and the Wort.

So what to make with that yarn instead? I'm heading over to Ravelry for inspiration (where only one other person has St. John's Wort as an active project by the way - hmmm).

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Melissa said...

this is so funny- i was just looking at this pattern today, and was seriously considering casting on for it. (it's beautiful, isn't it?) but maybe i won't now! ;)
melissa (tiny happy)