Eco-Friendly Retail Therapy

Reinforcing my theory that 4 is the new 14, Julia has discovered a consuming love of shopping.
Toys are obviously top choice of the list, but since I usually navigate the cart as far away from that aisle as possible, clothing will do as a perfect second.

Thanks to some very thoughtful friends (with great taste and gentle care laundering) we've been pretty fortunate when it comes to hand-me-downs (which are never-turn-them-downs). And considering how quickly kids are in and out of certain sizes (oh, the 0-18 month selection!) I think most of us are as happy to see them passed-along as we are to be the recipient.

The trick is remembering what sizes you have, which is why multi-purpose bins are one of my frequent shopping item.

This is also how Julia's new favourite store came to exist in our living room. It's eco-friendly (here comes that repurposing theme again), budget friendly, and hours of fun. It also makes sure that I remember what's coming up in the next available size.

"Shop Lady": Mama.
Job Description: Respond to requests like "Do you have something for a party?" Be dramatically impressed by every item tried on. Watch the cash register (although Julia insists on self-checkout).

"Shopping Girl": Julia
Job Description: Shop til you drop. Demand complete adoration in every outfit. Use phrases like "Wow. That's sassy", "Ohhh. Fantastic.", "I think this is just the perfect thing for me."

General Rules: Shops don't have tvs! (That's Julia's rule by the way!) Shop Ladies don't knit (damn rules!) Shop Ladies are occasionally allowed to read at the cash register only when customers are occupied in the changing room. (Ok, we're onto something now.) Baby brothers are not allowed in the store because they mess up all the clothes. (Sorry Matthew - we'll play with the scarves when Shopping Girl's at school).

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