Muddy Monday

The morning started out dark and rainy. Our sleepy-head-girl had to be woken up extra early to do the homework that had been forgotten all weekend (until I spotted it lurking in a corner at 10:00 last night).

One muddy poem later (she had to come up with and write the words in red)...

we went searching for a "Geometric Solid to share with the class" and then debated the finer point of whether 'share' means it's going to make it's way home again or not.

One green cube (of many) later...

we sifted through an assortment of coats that would suit today's particular degree of cold and wet qualities (which are once again completely unlike the qualities of yesterday, or the day before, or likely tomorrow).

Ah, the unexpected mornings of Spring. And now, after what feels like several hours while still being just the start of the day, it is slightly less dark but still rainy. The perfect time to curl up for half-an-hour (I'm being optomistic) with a coffee a new (to me) history-mystery.

I Like Mud!

I like mud. I like mud.
Wormy mud,
brown mud,
dirty, gooey,
wet mud.
I like mud!

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