Fresh Starts

Remember this? Well, my "That's a Wrap" skirt is a wrap (and not in the good way).

Friday found me sprawled on the floor, surrounded by material and shaking my head as I tried to figure out how I managed to get my reversible skirt - well - reversed. Eight panels and they are ass-backwards. Literally. The back is matched up with the front and the front with the back. And unfortunately, having serged the seams together, I've lost any wiggle room I might have once had to try deconstructing it.

And then a sweet, innocent, self-interested voice spoke from a nearby chair. "Mama. You should make something for me soon."

And that sounds like a stellar solution.

Burda 9703

The wrap skirt and I will meet again - eventually. But in the meantime, I'm making this my week for Fresh Starts.

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