Parenting With One Eye Shut

I'd like to tell you that this was some sort of well-planned and family-fun pirate-theme weekend. Take away the planning, the fun and the pirate theme, and you have the picture though.

1 Mama's eyeball
1 18-month old finger nail
1 visit to a walk-in on a Sunday morning
1.5 hours of waiting
1 eye patch
1 husband quickly off to work for the day (yup, that would still be a Sunday)
1 burst of tears to wrap-up what had already been a pretty crap-tastic week.
(fortunately one eye was running profusely anyways and the patch was quite absorbant)

Thankfully a Monday round back at the doctors office has added 1 tube of antibiotic gel (and temporary blurred vision) to the equation and removed the eye patch. Sunglasses have also become a requirement for the day, much to the frustration of my assailant who is determined to rip them off my face. I suspect he's out to finish the job with a quick poke to the good eye.

And since I'm hosting a pity-party anyways, I can't help but think back about April and realize what a rut I spent most of it in. It seemed to be one of those sink-hole months where I was tapped out, couldn't hold on to inspiration long enough to get anything done, was totally frustrated with whatever I did manage, and generally felt too drained to care about most of it.

Maybe it was expectations that ran too high for the month? Maybe it was the promise of a spring that wasn't quite ready to bloom? Maybe it was just the frustration of one of those certain Toddler months that they head into with frustration and come out of with a whole new set of skills (and a few extra teeth).

Whatever the reason, May is here and with slightly lower expectations and a bit more flexibility, it's got to be a better month right!?! I'm going to try to get back to some positive vision - at least with the one eye that's still functioning.

NOTE: This is so going in the scrapbook for future guilt purposes. I'm filing it right after 'hours of labour'.

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Patty said...

You poor thing! I hope it heals up quickly.

And, don't you hate it when Daddy's go to work on Sundays? Argh!