If you can't break your own rules...

I have an addiction (well a few actually, but for today let's just focus on the one).

It's a pretty common one. I've made it no secret in this space. I have a weakness for books - especially those pretty and practical ones of a domestic nature. Craft, recipe, do-it-yourself. It becomes a real problem here in the blog world where the recommendations, finished projects, and pretty pictures of others tempt me daily.

But I've been trying really hard to be really frugal and to resist temptation, especially since I have been making so little progress using the books already on my bookshelf.

Then along came Martha...in full encyclopedic force...and my undoing (after what I though was a pretty admirable several months of library holds and 'wish listing').

But it was such a good price and some much-needed pick-me-up inspiration. And like I've said before, who knows what to buy me better than...me.

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