This Mother's Day

With a Daddy at work (yup, that would be a second Sunday in a row) it's been a quiet sort of day, but filled with special things like...

A gazillion bubbles dance party.

A thoughtful, specially sought-out gift from a thoughtful, specially sought-out hubby.

And remembering my own mom's black-handled sewing scissors and the frequent instruction to "Never, ever, ever use them on paper." (which seems to mean so little to kid who really wants to cut zig-zags out of construction paper).

And a recurring thought that the objects and activites we see in our childhood, have a wonderful way of making their way into our own homes and our own children's lives. I don't know if I would have sent my husband this oh-so-subtle hint if I hadn't been raised in a crafty home.

Speaking of home activites - it's time to get back ours. Cleaning out a cupboard in the kitchen and turning it into Toddler-invasion-proof art-supply storage. Who doesn't love a little organizing on Mothers Day? (don't answer that!)

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