Glue Paper Scissors (and lots of other things)

The Theory - If we organize 'the stuff' then one child can help herself, and maybe we can keep the interesting bits hidden from Toddler-boy. Craft time appeal just gained several points.

The Pencils - The hottest token of friendship going right now. Every time a classmate has a birthday, or a holiday arrives, so does a new pencil.

The Dough - This is one collection that Toddler-boy can pillage to his hearts content.

The Plan - These broken crayons are heading for the stove. Another addition for Toddler-hands.

All this, just in time for the mother of all rainy days.

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Patty said...

You are so organised! While we 'organised' for the house showings, so many things were just dumped in boxes in wait for the next 5 years for me to unpack them. It's official. When we get settled in NL, you have to visit and get me organised!

Love the crayon idea. I was just about to get rid of my old metal cupcake pan but will keep it for crazy crayons!