The last day of school. Big stuff. Very exciting, and inspiring and mildly terrifying.

And then there's the plain old 'shake my head and wonder where the last 10 months went' thing. I think I was more emotional at drop-off today then I was back in September - now I have a five year with a whole year of school under her belt. Say what?

I stole some crafty-brilliance from the always amazing Erin and whipped up coffee cup cozies for Julia's teacher and the special ladies who are her extra pairs of hands (we should all be so lucky). With gift cards hidden away inside the cups Julia loved carrying her tray of secrets into the school yard. Erin's tutorial made this such a quick and truly fun little project and they are addictive once the assembly line begins. It's fun to sew something that causes no frustration and lets you walk away with a finished product in one evening.

And since I've been on a roll and releasing handmade goodness to others, I shamefully sent out a very belated package to another special lady. So embarrassingly overdue (especially since it's been ready to go for about 2 months now). 1 part me rarely making it to the post office + 1 part second guessing what I made since I've never actually knit for anyone outside of this house + 1 part plain old lack of 'get er done'. But hopefully she'll like it and maybe the delay will just add to the surprise! (ha ha)

Pattern details to follow. Right now, this post has given me a wicked coffee craving and the urge to go make summer dream lists.

* Oh, and also on my list for today - Search for my camera card which I recently took from the chewing monster and put somewhere so secret that even I can't find it! A 16MB card and my grainy old camera just isn't working for me.

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