When I was a kid, I used to sneak through the house looking for my presents before every birthday and Christmas.

Once my parents caught on, they seem to start wrapping my gifts pretty quick.

When I was a kid, I used to wait until my parents went out, then took a knife, carefully cut open the tape, unwrapped the ends of my gifts, slid them out, checked them out (occasionally tried things on) and then re-wrapped them carefully to make sure that no one was any the wiser. I believe I may have been successful - but perhaps not.

My point? I love getting packages. I have very little patience, restraint or willpower once they arrive. Even when I ordered them myself (like Amazon and Chapters).

So it's no wonder I spent all last week checking the mail in eager anticipation of my surprise tote from the talented and generous (lucky me) Leigh-Ann over at Freckled Nest. Seriously LA, you shouldn't have told me it was en-route, because it meant a week of ritualistic mailbox torture!

Picture me smiling from ear to ear when I saw that the 'eagle had landed' on our morning walk to the park. And I really did have the best intentions of waiting until I got home to properly blog-photograph my lovely package.

But instead I shooed Jules over to the slides as quickly as possible, gave Matthew a cookie, and sat on a park bench somewhat carefully tearing my package open! I kid you not, another mom randomly started talking to me and I kept up a conversation without stopping the unwrapping for even a moment.

And then I smiled even wider when I saw Leigh-Ann's creation - Just For Me!

See - Slid it back in that tissue paper when I got home, like nobodies business. All sneaky-like.

And when I did finally get home, I tried to re-enact the whole thing Just For You (and because hey, it just bought me a Monday morning blog topic)!

Come on - who puts care into packaging like Leigh-Ann. She is not only the queen of buttons, but the queen of stickers. Amazon and Chapters have nothing on my favourite Winnipegger. And since I also ordered stuff from her big Etsy sale recently, I get to relive the magic all over again any day now. Unfortunately, that also means at least another week or two of mailbox torture (sigh).

Thank you again LA. I am in love.


Freckled Nest said...

Hehe :)
it's sooooo exciting to see it on the other end! :) And you are now in my top 3 favorite customers!! (Mom and Inka are in there too)... love that you get so excited! and sneeky ;)

don't get your hopes up on cool packaging for your upcoming packaging... i had to wrap 30 packages in one day, so they're not as pretty :( i even forgot to put polka dot tape. erg.

glad you love it! you are the bombdigity. omgoodness. i can't believe i just said that silly word.

love youuuuu!!!

Patty said...

I've nominated you for an award! Check out my blog...