Ripping Happens (alot)

Last week I mentioned lack of knitting time. Now it's time for reason #2 behind the absence of knit posting - a string of really bad luck in the gauge department.

Despite swatching, I've been knitting with a sinking feeling that what's on my needles is looking too big. And as much as I was hoping for the best (easier than facing the reality of a whole lot of wasted stockinette) a mid-knit fit check gave me the answer I was afraid of.

There is no way that this...

is ever going to fit like this...

So it's back to the drawing board (aka Ravelry and a stack of magazines), which wouldn't discourage me nearly as much if this wasn't my fourth attempt at knitting something with this same batch of yarn. At this point, I think that a switch-up is in order. Fingers crossed for some success to share in the near future (although it's probably not going to help my gauge issues if I knit with my fingers crossed).

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Patty said...

Awww. I feel your pain. I still haven't found a successful needle to swatch gague ratio with my Yogini Bolero from last summer some time. Sigh.

No, no baby yet!