Rainy summer days.
Grab something from the back of the closet - turn it into something else.

Too-short-pants. Just right shorts.

A perfectly beach-worn shapeless dress from far too long ago.
Now the perfect tank.

I've got my eyes on a stack of old jeans next.


Anonymous said...

hey so I have a new project/sewing challenge for ya. The laptop computer bone...we willsee if you are up to the challenge next week.

Patty said...

Great work! Ah, sewing. I used to sew...;)!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Anonymous challenger - I busted your identity as soon as you 'next week' [insert giggles and squeels].

Challenge - BRING IT. As long as it doesn't involve that old fabric with the creepy cats on it! *wink*

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for reminding me. Maybe those kittys could curl up on the inside of the bag, with the toy soldiers (scandle). then the outside could be a little more conservative like skulls or polka dots.