Last year we were the lucky recipients of two newly-upholstered, cream-coloured armchairs. They came to us from my parents-in-law and I'm not sure what the whole story was - they loved the chairs and had them refurbished, and then decided they wanted something different afterall. When it ends with me getting two new chairs, I don't ask too many questions.

Cream-coloured chairs. Big, comfortable, curl-up and read in, fun to climb on, cream-coloured chairs.

Cream + 5 year old + toddler + transitional family living space = mother of two living in terror

I am frequently heard saying things like:

"Not near the chair."
"Do NOT touch that chair."
"Step back with the chocolate."
"Juice. Chair. Move. Now."
"Why is that coat lying on the back of that chair."
(yup, even the hubby hears the chair rant)

For the sake of the chair, my nerves and the well-being of my loved ones, I've been giving slipcovers some serious thought lately.

And for the record, I have heard that 'easy slipcover' is an oxymoron, and I contemplate this idea knowing that it's not a 'weekend project'. It's more of a summer project (oh no - thoughts of suntan lotion on the chair just whirled through my mind). Thanks to a Friday field trip I'm armed with 7 meters of white broadcloth and plans for a trial cover (at $2 a meter I can still walk away having only wasted $14 and a big chunk of time).

So this is my open call for tips, tricks and general advice (and failing that, recommendations for a moderately priced upholsterer in the Greater Toronto Area).

NOTE: This is why we have a leather couch. Wipeable.

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Patty said...

Oooh. You're a brave woman. A friend of mine tackles this kind of project ALL THE TIME with amazing results. I'm, apparently, not that amazing (the idea just scares the crap out of me). You, however, I am sure IS that amazing. Heck, you're even sewing up a sewers equivalent of a gauge swatch! I look forward to the progress with bated breath...

PS Thanks for the party ideas. No. Time. To. Respond. No baby though!