Let Them Eat Cake

This weekend was an action-packed finale to the 'week of birthday' (Julia + hubby) and I can feel a huge weight of birthday-busyness-stress evaporating.

This year Julia's party took place at a cooking studio attached to our local grocery superstore (if you've never seen Loblaws then that probably sounds like "What?" but trust me it was awesome!). A dozen kids went from full-scale tornado into quiet and content concentration making mini-pizzas (with the most amazing kid-safe cutting tool ever), fruit salad and...

...individually decorated cakes.

I really wanted to share this part because it is something so easy and fun to recreate at home when a rainy day, holiday, or any 'I need cake' day arrives. We'll definitely be doing this again with lots of other possibilities (lady bugs, cat, purses, spiders)

For the girls: Butterflies
Cut a single layer 9" round cake in half, place the two halves together in reverse.

For the boys: Bats
Cut two triangular sections from the bottom of 9" round cake. Place cutout sections at top to make bat ears.

And now after a few weeks filled with way too much running around, it finally feels like we've reached a bit of gentle coasting until the end of school. I'm taking a deep breathe and savouring the moment while it lasts!


Patty said...

Oooh! Great ideas there! Our early 2 year old party is on Saturday and, I have to admit, have not planned any activities. It's from 2 - 4 PM and I figured the kiddies would have enough fun just being together and/or tearing around the back yard if it's a gorgeous day. Naturally, there will be snacks and cake. Suggestions oh great Mother Wonder?

Elizabeth said...

Mother Wonder - Ha. Need I remind you, that I OUTSOURCED (hee hee). But that said, a backyard party sounds like so much fun and makes me very nostalgic for some of my favourite birthdays. For Julia's 2'nd we decorated pots (for timing and mess minimizing I wrapped plastic containers with label paper so that they could use markers) and the kids planted some little annuals. We had waffle and ice-cream decorating (the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids - ok, maybe more) but cupcakes or small cakes would be so much fun. Oh, oh, oh, you could cut a rectangular cake into squares, pre-ice and then let the little ones decorate mini-candy-gardens.

AND I'M SPENT. That's it - officially out of creative juices for at least another 24 hours. Hope your happy! *wink*