By some remarkable alignment of the sun and planets and fate, the house fell silent for three hours yesterday afternoon. Wow!

I was just about to put boy-child down for his afternoon nap when I looked over and found...get ready for it...his big sister asleep on the couch (french fry still dangling from an exhausted pincer grip).

Stolen time is a pretty rare commodity around here (although I seem to be on a lucky streak this week) so of course I started creeping around the house very quickly and quietly doing a bit more stealing. (Am I the only mom that gets all giddy and starts tiptoeing around like a hyperactive pixie in these situations? Didn't think so!)

I started with the last cup of coffee in the pot. Ok, not a technical steal, but actually getting the chance to drink that second cup felt like I'd cracked a safe.

Next, I scurried down to the basement where I raided hubby's tool box. I was originally just going to steal an awl (or two), but when I caught sight of his magnetic-stretchy-picky-uppy-thing (yes, that is absolutely the technical term) I decided to swipe that too. Why not. If he wants to find them again, all he has to do is read my blog (mwah ha ha - they are totally mine now).

And no, I don't randomly go around stealing awls without any apparent crafty purpose. I go around stealing awls with premeditated intent to use them as marking tools. And that's an idea I stole from Wendy Mullin's "Sew U".

"This pointed object, which you can find in any hardware store or handy person's tool kit, can be used to punch holes to mark dart points. It's easy and fast, but be careful not to damage the fabric." p.27

(She said it! Tool kit. I found it.)

See. Stealing. Makes for a perfect afternoon.


Melissa said...

I totally rock the running around on tip-toes while "procuring" item, and of course I specialize in the evil grinch high knees while doing it. Miss pumpkin-belly is simply saving her energies for next week and girlie baking time...oh I already have an idea in mind.

Melissa said...

hilariously I just read this again, thinking "well that seems familiar" "didn't she awlready steal awl the awls she needs...." and then realized that this was a july post and I am crazy.