Getting Cozy Again

When I put out the open offer for coffee cozies I didn't know I was going to end up being raised a challenge.

Another sewing project = Temptation
Making something for someone special = Of course the answer is yes!
A challenge = Irresistible

Measurements were taken (and lost...and retaken...and lost again...and resent).

One blissfully quiet afternoon was spent sewing (while boy child was marathon-napping and girl-child was caught-up in a computer-game-induced trance).

And in the end a quilted laptop cozy was created. Since I don't have to hand it over for another week, I'm thinking a few more embellishments might be in order, but I'll save an element of surprise for the in-person reveal. : )

1 comment:

missa said...

no fair, I don't like surprises and secrets. but good to know that challenges are irresistible. It looks dot-er-ific. I love making you work to the "bone."