Giving Me The Runaround

September has us all on the go and despite a nasty head-cold-allergies-burned-out-thingy brewing, today is going to be the mother of all runaround days.

It's all good stuff and we are slowly getting back into a routine. Right now though, that means lots of one hour blocks for starting preschool (day 2 went better and I'm hoping day 3 is the charm), the Kindergarten 'gradual reentry' (a corporate buyout takes less time than this process) and the start of programs (Karate this week!). But those one hour blocks are killing me. Between drop-offs and pick-ups and drop-offs somewhere else, there is barely enough time to do anything before it's back on the road to hit the next block of the day. Throw in lunch, laundry, naps, dinner, (ahem - another batch of Peach Jam) and this week seems to be vanishing quickly.

After this mother of all days though, it should all get easier and easier. I hate to break it to the kiddos, but next week the school schedule finally goes all in and we can finally start heading towards the more relaxing side of Fall. Well - I can anyways (mwah-ha-ha).

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