Another Small-Batch Weekend

I dipped into the mason jars again, this time armed with some of Beamsville's best ripe peaches (finally!) and a bottle of Triple Sec.

I'm having solid success with this sure-fire book for jams, spreads and savoury treats. Small-batch preserving lets me enjoy and capture the best of the season without making the process overwhelming (I have limited ambition for an entire day of repeating that sterilizing and processing time over and over again). In fact, this latest recipe was made in the microwave and I managed to fit the 250ml jars right in my regular pasta pot (quick to boil and far less intimidating than my giant canning pot).

So quick and easy, that I might just make a second batch tomorrow; repetition doesn't seem to bother me as much when I've seen the success, had a glass of wine and watched the season finale of True Blood between batches.

Microwave Peach Jam with Orange Liquer

I followed the linked recipe using Triple Sec as my liquer of choice. Since using an inversion microwave which tends to run high, I cooked mine on level 8. It did require an extra 4 minute round on full high to reach the gel stage.

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