His and Hers

A set of almost-two-year-old fingers is getting into absolutely everything these days. It's been building for a while with many things simply being moved to higher and higher surfaces. And the latest obsession has been the craft cupboard. That lovely little space that once held the balance between accessible and hidden has been discovered. And although I want both kids to feel free to get creative whenever the mood strikes, they are definitely at two totally different stages when it comes to supplies.

Matthew's ideas for the cupboard are fueled by mischief above all else. This usually starts with the house becoming suspiciously quiet and ends with screams from his sister (whose favourite pencil crayons are being pinched) and shrieks from his mother (who finds him in the corner of another room discovering how to upcap a bottle of glitter glue).

So it's up up and away for some things, and new ways of presenting others. Out of reach for one, just within reach for the other and ready for all.

His (including my latest favourite find from Ikea)

and Hers

Next on the list. Find a higher shelf for the juice boxes...again!

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Alison said...

Haha! Cute! Good luck with the juice box shelf- kids just keep getting taller... my oldest towers over me already, but then, he did just turn 16!