Home @ 5:55

I've had hit-and-miss baking results with my favourite Ina Garten cookbooks (the mains and sides are always amazing, but the baking is always slightly off - I suspect it's the call for extra-large eggs which I never seem to have in the fridge). But at last I've found the sure-fire-hands-down-without-question-WINNER that has finally broken the spell.

It's quick, it's basic, it's delicious (and yes it asks for extra-Large eggs but since I halved a recipe calling for 3 of them, 2 large worked perfectly).

Telling my husband that we're having ribs for dinner usually guarantees that he'll be home in time for dinner. Telling him that I made Jalapeno and Cheddar Cornbread brought him home five minutes early. Good call since I was already two pieces in at that point - quality control measures of course.

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