"Mischief Managed"

I was moments away from morning posting when I grabbed my e-mail.

This morning's newspaper seemed pretty depressing, what with H1N1 and GTA car insurance rates going through the roof. But then I came across this gem which I have to share. If you haven't heard of "yarnbombing" check this out.

Have a good one.


I think I better start knitting some cushions for the fence I sit on when it come to yarn graffiti. My reaction to this whole idea ranges from "How cool is that!" to "You're not just going to leave that there are you? The forecast is calling for rain."

I don't see pole cozies in my personal future, but admit that a quick search turns up some inspired yarnstorming efforts against the gray urban landscape.

And since discovering Knit the City, I am positively in love with the idea of a knit-adorned London Phonebox.

I wonder if anyone has needles at the ready for the Vancouver Olympics? I mean, we're already pushing the red mittens.

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