In a tornado situation, call Amy Butler

“Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there's no place like home.”

Year two of themed family Halloween costumes! (insert squeals of delight from the household majority and a stifled groan from those who will be coerced)

Finding 'wicked witch' and 'cowardly lion' costumes months ago pretty much sealed the deal for the Wizard of Oz. It was also the perfect excuse to try out the apron pattern from this terrific book. Have gingham, will sew.

This is my second In Stitches project and I am completely in awe of Amy Butler. She has a magical gift for designing patterns in such a way that every seam is cleanly enclosed or covered when you're finished - it's like a puzzle that comes together at the end once all the pieces are fit together just right. The trick (for me) is not to question the instructions or let instinct get in the way - just do exactly what the directions tell you to do and a few fold-overs and reverses later you'll be amazed to see where the road has led you.

I'll now get back to work on something for a 5' 11" Flying Monkey (by coercion)

Look Toto! Pleats!

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